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Call it a Stargate - Episode 1 with german captions!
The guys from Super Team Productions have done a marvelous job with their "Call it a Stargate"-Films, so I decided to put some captions beneath it and promote it in Germany. There's no reason for you to download the file here as long as you don't plan on learning english or something ... the orignial in better quality can be found on the Superteam Homepage. If you want to watch it in good quality and with an enthusiastic audience, you should come to the german Gatedays 2003.
Call it a Stargate Episode 1 - WMV (14 MB)

Mirror-Site: Call it a Stargate Episode 1 - WMV (14 MB)

Death Glider Space Action
A Stargate Action Video full of Death Gliders and explosions, accompanied by an explosive soundtrack: "Into the Light" by Tomcraft. Enjoy 4 minutes of adrenalin.
MPG (34 MB) oder WMV (6,4 MB)

My first attempt at capturing the team spirit that makes up the great popularity of the series. The special effects pushed my computer to its limits, but it was worth it.
MPG (43 MB) oder WMV (7,0 MB)

Thousand Smiles
This flawless piece of Sam&Jack propaganda has been taken directly from the sacred halls of the Cult of Samantha. The sound you're about to hear is from the fastest song ever made: "Thousand" by Moby.
MPG (17 MB) oder WMV (2,9 MB)

I love you
One picture says more than a thousand words, and this huge collection of pictures shows more than anything else what I think and feel about the Sam&Jack relationship. Yeah, you got me right, just another Sam&Jack music video - with the lovely cover song "Bizare Love Triangle" from Commercial Breakup.
MPG (33 MB) or WMV (5,8 MB)

Walk like a Jaffa
I looked everywhere but couldn't find a Stargate music video with the good old "Walk Like An Eqyptian" song from the Bangles, so I made one myself. This is about Jaffa and fun.
MPG (32 MB) or WMV (5,5 MB)

Senator Kinseys Planet of utter Strangeness
This is a really strange music video, and when I say "Stange" I mean *really* *really* strange. But what would one expect, when the Indian pop idol Senator Kinsey MC and the legendary Danny Dancers come together to give us a lecture in real Strangeness.
MPG (39 MB) or WMV (6,5 MB)

Erinner dich (Remember)
This is a very sweet and lovingly portrait of the very first episodes of the first season - and its in German, so what? The Sam&Jack moments are not put in intentionally, they were just there, I swear!
MPG (26 MB) or WMV (4,2 MB)

This is the one biggest Zat'ni'katel music video the world has been waiting for! Also it has the "Bohemian Like You" song from the Dandy Warhols in it.
MPG (32 MB) or WMV (5,5 MB)

Wonderful Live
A Sam&Jack music video with the cover version of "Wonderful Live" from Hyperchild. Not a single scene in this video has been put in unintentionally.
MPG (33 MB) oder WMV (6,1 MB)

Creepy Men
Well, you don't really want to watch this minimalistic music video with the worst background song ever (taken from the c64(!) game "Ghost'n'Goblins"). So, in case you decide to watch it anyway, please don't take it serious!

Next best Thing
The wallpaper for the music video on Great stuff!

Sexy Samantha
Allright guys, you can kick your Jelos und Kylies from the screen, 'cause here comes the hottest army babe since Tank Girl: Samantha Carter! The wallpaper the world has been waiting for.

Sam & Jack Aquarell Wallpaper
This wallpaper was created with a single click on the Aquarell function of Adobe Photoshop. I still can't believe how beautiful it is :-)

No Fishing Wallpaper
Those who care will know, and those who don't know I don't care much about.

Go fishin', Sam!
THE one logo for all Sam&Jack shippers out there! Put it on your T-shirt and out yourself!

Stargate SG-X
Rules and some background for a Stargate pen&paper roleplaying game. Completely in German ... there are some nice pictures, though.

The Banner
Here you can find the new animated Stargate Atlantis Pandora banner!!!

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